Rent Better. Live Better.

We believe finding a great place to call home should be exciting and rewarding; we believe that feeling should stay with you long after you’ve opened the door to your new rental.
We believe that renting comes with its own unique sense of pride and ownership and that calling a place home is about far more than simply being a “successful applicant.”
We believe it’s high time that Tenants and Landlords have a resource that understands and supports that.

That’s why we’re inviting you to start here by finding your next great rental and stay here to help you truly make that rental a home.

“So, is this a website for a property management company?”

No, it’s more like a website for every great rental property in HRM.

Great question though!

We’re helping the rental market in HRM suck less

We operate on the principle that “a rising tide lifts all rentals” (the website is the tide). RedE was built alongside Landlords, Agents, Property Managers and Tenants to help the rental market in HRM (Halifax, Dartmouth, Cole Harbour, Bedford, Sackville and beyond) suck less.

We promote services and properties from multiple companies, landlords and agents in an effort to give renters and investors plenty of great options and resources!

“Income Properties” work better with income, and “Housing” is better when you feel at home.
Our goal is to help with both.

Tenants and Landlords both want great rental properties. We spend our days helping both parties to create exactly that.

The housing market is hotter than ever, but that doesn’t mean finding answers to your questions is always easy.

This site is dedicated to helping to make property rentals and housing easier and (over time) smarter.

If you have questions about how to get started with us (or the rental housing marketing in general) we’re always happy to talk (it’s among our favourite topics in fact)! Just Click, Call or Chat