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Why Pre-Apply?

Landlords and property managers love pre-application forms; it gives them an idea of who you are and what you’re looking for, AND it shows that you’re serious about the process.

Keep in mind that this very personal decision is also a business transaction. When you submit your Resume or a Job Application, you’re putting your best foot forward; submitting your rental pre-application is the same process.

At RedE Rent, we’re seeing an increasing requirement for pre-applications. In many cases, these forms offer a way for Landlords and Property Managers to find candidates who look to be a great fit and then move them to the next level of the rental process. Keep in mind that (not unlike a job) each rental opportunity has a lot of candidates that need to be reviewed; that’s why Landlords and Property Managers are turning to Pre-Applications with more frequency. It saves them time and it saves you time as well.

What’s in it for the Tenant?

You can save yourself significant time and headaches by pre-applying. Our quick application lets you send top-level info (without asking things that are overly personal or security-sensitive) so that Landlords and Property Managers can get an idea of what (and when) you’re looking for and whether you would be an excellent fit for the property. So often, renters can spend hours driving around and making phone calls, only to discover the space is too small or the building isn’t a right fit for them. This Pre-Application cuts down on that time drain AND helps you get your foot in the door at the rentals that ARE perfect for you!